A Cut Above The Rest

A Cut Above The Rest - Sustainable Cotton

Clothing your little ones in organic, sustainable cotton clothes is the easiest and most effective way to begin making a difference. In fact, you might be surprised to learn that kid’s clothes made with ordinary cotton are laden with harmful chemicals. Moreover, normal cotton production is detrimental to the environment and the workers involved in its growing, harvest and manufacture. Therefore, deciding to switch to organic cotton means less exposure to toxic chemicals for your children, the farm and factory workers, and the planet. Essentially, doing so is the perfect win-win! So, what exactly are the benefits of buying certified organic cotton clothing? Let’s take a look.

Certified Organic Sustainable Cotton

To ensure you’re buying the real deal, an organisation called the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) looks after organic cotton certification all around the world. Importantly, they’re also checking for ethical practices end-to-end. This includes chemical-free sustainable cotton growing, environmentally-friendly manufacturing techniques, plus fair, safe and ethical working conditions. For the consumer, this means you can be confident your hard-earned dollars are being spent on the correct goods. In short, you could say that buying organic cotton is the ultimate feel-good package!

Organic Cotton is Safe, Gentle and Durable

Sure, you may pay a little extra for clothes made with organic, sustainable cotton. But here’s the thing – not only is it far better for the health of you and your little ones, but it’s also softer and more durable. Therefore, the clothes will literally last longer. This is because a noxious cocktail of chemicals weakens the ordinary cotton fibres that organic cotton doesn’t have to endure. So, buying organic means saying goodbye to nasties in your kid’s clothes, such as formaldehyde, heavy metals and aromatic solvents.

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