Achieving Natural Sleep with your Newborn Baby

Achieving Natural Sleep with your Newborn Baby

Sleeping with your newborn baby can bring real benefits to both you and your baby. In the first few months of baby’s life, it’s sometimes difficult to get them to sleep when they should. Obviously, for you, this means getting up through the night to feed the little one. A practical way around this is to let baby sleep with you in your bed. I’ve put together a few points below that you need to consider to make the most of sleeping with your newborn baby.

What are the Benefits of Co-Sleeping with your Newborn Baby?

There are many benefits including achieving a special bond with your baby that can’t be achieved any other way.

Night-time feeding is so much easier
When your baby is hungry in the night you simply awaken whilst baby latches on and then both of you can drift back to sleep naturally. Also, don’t forget the ‘dream feed’. This is the last feed between 10 and 11 that will hopefully see baby sleep through the night.

Monitor newborn baby’s health through the night
If you have concerns about your baby’s health, if they’re in bed with you, you can relax about keeping an eye on them.

What could be cozier than snuggling all night with your newborn baby?
This is especially true during winter. Just make sure they have lovely soft organic cotton clothes though!

Develop good sleeping habits
There are lots you can do to make sure both you and newborn baby have a great night’s sleep:

Be active in the daytime.
Give baby a warm bath near bedtime
Be quiet and calm at night
Keep a consistent bedtime
Clothe them in organic materials

Not all Newborn Baby’s want the same thing

Some babies will prefer to sleep alone so don’t be alarmed if your baby won’t settle in your bed. This might be the case straight away but more probably as they get a little older.
The most important thing is that you use a strategy that works for you both. And the best result is that you both get good sleep.


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